High Volume Strategic Investment

We acquire strategic real estates, corporations and financial institutions


The world’s economy has been steering into a real critical situation during last years. The AVIS Group anticipated for some time an impacting bank and politic manipulating attack. It has been initiated by a pandemic, which was then a real surprise for the entire population.

However, the AVIS Group by its financial model was prepared and could activate their $22billion reserved share capital at the right time. Read more and validate

We ALL can and will NOT rely on what’s coming up next against us from the economic market and therefore we must secure the funds reserves in hard assets; and

The AVIS Green Energy Industrial Parks are unique in its technology assembling for rubbish recycling, free energy creation, distribution and at the same time organic food production. 

The facilities create and secure millions of new jobs and a real green future.

We purchase & pay now for

  • Construction corporations
  • Financial institutions
  • Stock exchange corporations
  • Hotel individual and chains
  • Green energy projects
  • Green energy technologies
  • Pharmaceutical corporations

The strategy of "M & A", is the unique form for the construction and managing of the AVIS Green Energy Industrial Parks worldwide. 

We're providing convertible loans, arm's-length purchase, default loan re-organisation, collateralization of assets and option purchase

This is how it works

Send us all information about your project

We validate in days and if fits to the AVIS umbrella we instruct the lawyers teams for closing

Of course, we require reasonable pricing structures. In advance download the contract formulary here and upload to AVIS Bank here

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